Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A Change of Scenery

My eyes are heavy because I could not seem to fall asleep last night! I hate that feeling; it has to be up there on my top pet peeves. It doesn't really bother me unless I know I have to wake up early the next morning.

The funny part about all of this is ..

apparently, I have been this way since I was young. My Mom says that she would leave me in my room to take a nap and check on me and I would be sound asleep but afterwards when I woke up I would tell her I didn't fall asleep and I was just resting my eyes. ha ha. As I got older I developed another strange habit. I think all of you can relate to the feeling where you are so excited about what the next day will hold that you just can't fall asleep. Or that you are anxious, nervous, or whatever else it might be. Whenever one of these nights would come along and I couldn't fall asleep I would turn the opposite way in my bed.

Yes you heard right. I would take my pillow and put it at the foot of my bed and sleep opposite.

For some reason this always seemed to work for me and I would be sound asleep before I knew it. Obviously it was all in my head but it worked so I always did it. Now that I am married it seems pretty silly to turn opposite in my bed, especially since I don't want to get an unexpected kick in the head!
Which lead me to last night. I was so happy about the city invasion I participated in with my church (where you go out and pray for random people = extremely rewarding and inspirational) that I couldn't fall asleep and I knew I had to wake up fairly early. As the time ticked by I decided to go sleep on the couch. The husband just kind of rolled over and looked at me. He's used to my crazy antics by now! ha ha. Of course, it worked. I think it's just a mind thing where I need a change of scenery. Strange, I know. The best part is I only slept out there for an hour and then went back in my bed and slept fine the rest of the night. lol.

Needless to say, I am still really tired today but I have a genetics test so I guess I'll be running on coffee until I can go home and take a nap.

Do you have any strange sleep habits?

Yours Truly,


Monday, July 26, 2010

I Really Should Be ...

studying, but obviously that is not the case. ;)

Welcome to my new blog, Dream a Little Bigger! I decided that considering all the changes in my life recently (the biggest being getting married) that I needed a new blog that wasn't for any other purpose except just to talk about life. Plain and simple.

I actually just planned out my next few weeks and was a tad bit overwhelmed. These weeks will consist of studying, tests, and working on my electronic portfolio for the fall. I'm currently in school to be a high school science teacher and I'm nearing the very end. In a few weeks I will be starting my Student Teaching (pause for dramatic effect) and I am anxious, excited, and nervous. I know it will be one of the best and worst times of my career and I am looking forward to what it will bring. I have heard horror stories and I've heard positive stories so we will see how it goes. I'm sure there will be many document-worthy moments which I plan to share with you right here!

If you are wondering about the title of my blog then I am assuming you have not seen the movie Inception or maybe you have, but you were really dreaming so you don't remember. The quote is from that movie when one character is shooting the bad guys on a rooftop and another character comes over and says "You mustn't be afraid to dream a little bigger, darling" and pulls out a bazooka gun. ha ha. It was a humorous part of the movie but to me it is also has a serious meaning. To me it means that we sometimes limit ourselves in life. We don't try new things for fear or failure. We compromise because we don't have enough courage to think the impossible. I don't want to be afraid to dream bigger! So here's to dreaming big!

P.S. For those of you who have seen Inception, What did you think? I thought it was amazing.

Your Truly,